Traditional diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workshops focus on raising awareness of bias, but fall short in delivering lasting transformation.

You’ve tried workshops but you haven’t seen progress. We feel your frustration.

You haven’t found a solution… until now.

Unconscious Inclusion: The Work Beyond the Workshop™, an all-encompassing, neuroscience-backed program that delivers meaningful cultural transformation. It’s not just about awareness; it’s about action, evolution, and sustainable change.

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The Unconscious Inclusion course content is an example of how to get DEI done differently (and effectively), and it is recognized by PIHRA (Professionals In Human Resources Association), an affiliate of SHRM, for meeting and exceeding HR standards for DEI. It provides professionals with the DEI tools and knowledge needed to equip learners with actionable strategies that address current-day problems.

All participants benefit from this partnership by receiving a DEI Professional Certificate upon completion, and HR professionals will have the added benefit of receiving 13 CEU’s through SHRM and HRCI.

Further establishing a commitment to HR, as part of this collaboration, PIHRA members can enroll in the Unconscious Inclusion program at a discounted rate. To enroll utilizing your PIHRA discount rate, or to learn more about membership, click here.

This program has been submitted for up to 13.0 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR™, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™ recertification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®). For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute homepage at

The use of this seal confirms that this activity has met HR Certification Institute’s® (HRCI®) criteria for recertification credit pre-approval.

This program will be valid for up to 13.0 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit

Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) is recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.


You’ve noticed it

The dysfunction that exists on so many of our teams. Your team members don’t know each other, and don’t know how to work together. 

Leaders aren’t leading. Team members don’t feel empowered to speak up. No one is communicating with each other.

It feels like…

Biased behavior is plaguing your team, yet issues of identity are not being discussed. 

Your team members aren’t equipped to have these difficult yet necessary conversations. Progress is at a standstill.

You’ve tried them before

DEI Workshops. An expert comes in for a short period of time and presents your team with tons of detailed information on how to foster inclusion. But these workshops didn’t work

They weren’t effective. The change didn’t last.

You may be asking yourself…

How can I create a culture of openness, communication and inclusion on my team?

And how can I make sure this isn’t just a quick fix, that’s it’s a lasting culture shift that sticks?

The truth is


DEI workshops don’t work without additional work. They weren’t designed to stand alone. 

When it comes down to it

Many DEI workshops only speak to the learner in us — test-taking circuits in our brains. 

The problem is…

Learning how to actively promote inclusion is not a test

We can’t simply cram information into our brains in hopes that we’ll know how to put that information into practice. Our brains don’t work that way.

Think about riding a bicycle. You can learn everything there is to know about the history, physics, and engineering of bicycles. If you had to take a test on this information, you could pass with flying colors. But that doesn’t mean you’ve learned how to actually ride a bicycle.

That’s what typical DEI workshops do. They provide lots of information, but what’s missing is the application. Teams repeat this cycle over and over again, and never get the desired outcome: a healthy and functional team that not only knows the value of inclusion, but can also translate that knowledge into tangible changes.

The bottom line is

DEI workshops alone are not an effective solution.


Because we learn best by trying and doing. More specifically, by trying and failing.

The first time we get on that bicycle, we’re bound to lose our balance, or scrape a knee. We try something, get feedback, and try again. It’s this process of trying and failing that rewires our brains to create lasting change in our mindsets, habits and actions.

And science has shown us that this trial-and-error process works. Many DEI workshops leave out this crucial step: creating room for mistakes and feedback. But this process is how we grow.

We need that space to mess things up a bit: to play around with new ideas, try on unfamiliar concepts, and learn from our mistakes.

It’s time for something different

Because you won’t get the outcomes you’re looking for by just taking another DEI workshop.

If you’re looking to create lasting change in your team culture, you need a solution that:

And that’s exactly why we created

This is not another workshop. It’s the work beyond the workshop

Mobilize change on an individual level by giving your team the tools to feel confident in navigating difficult conversations about DEI.

Unconscious Inclusion is not just something you sit and watch.

It’s something you DO.



You don’t have time for just another DEI workshop.

You need to take action now.

You recognize the problems that exist on your team, and you’re optimistic that a solution exists.


It’s time for a new approach

A 13-week experience designed with our brains in mind. Work beyond the workshop. 

Create the lasting change that you’ve been looking for.

Still not convinced, or need help convincing your team leaders? Take our quiz.

Want to take the first step in understanding how you (and your company) can better address DEI in your workplace?

Start with our new, free D.E.I. Quiz.

It’s an awareness builder (not a personality assessment!) where you can start to consider any gaps that may exist in your current approach to DEI, and how Unconscious Inclusion can help.

Our quiz will get you thinking about how you’re showing up and interacting with others, where you’re being effective, and where you and your team could benefit from additional learning and practice. 

Once you’ve taken it, share it with your team to start a conversation about how your organization can improve its approach to inclusion.

When you’re ready for the next step, sign up for Unconscious Inclusion (your whole team can sign up, too!)

Resources for Decision-Makers

Not the key decision-maker on your team? This resource explains why Unconscious Inclusion is not just another DEI workshop.

We designed a downloadable resource specifically with decision-makers in mind. Share this with your team leaders so they can learn why Unconscious Inclusion is more than just another DEI workshop. This is a solution that actually works.

Meet your instructor/coach

Stacey Gordon is a celebrated advisor, author, educator, speaker, strategist and culture consultant whose work has led her to be named as one of 2022’s Top Voices in Gender Equity.

In her work, Stacey aspires to improve workplace cultures by reducing bias in global talent acquisition and management.  

As a globally recognized keynote speaker, leadership consultant and DEI strategist, Stacey has worked with Fortune 100 companies that include AT&T, American Express, GE and Hewlett Packard and has provided subject matter expertise to SHRM, Fast Company, Skillsoft, Forbes, NPR Radio, BBC Radio, and the Association for Talent Development.

Stacey is the creator of Unconscious Bias, LinkedIn Learning’s most popular course of 2021, which has reached over 1 million unique learners. It has been translated into multiple languages and has been featured by LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Virgin America (now Alaska Airlines).

Stacey is also the author of UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work, which debuted at #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list and is consistently in the top 5 in the Business Ethics category.

Here’s what folks are saying about Stacey:

Senior Strategic Account Manager, Sunlife

“Thank you so much for your session. We had fantastic feedback from the audience with 98% overall satisfaction, 96% agreeing the session provided new insights and 95% agreeing they were likely to use the information in their organization. Your insightful presentation greatly resonated with this group.”

General Counsel, Hoshino USA

“Just wanted to send a note to thank you for your presentation yesterday.  I had all 16 of our supervisors attend, and today they're all still talking about it. We planted some seeds and I’m happy about that.”

How do I know if this is the right solution for my team?

Unconscious Inclusion: The Work Beyond The WorkshopTM is the solution for you if you or your team want:

Resulting in:

Your team needs a solution to create tangible change that lasts.

Workshops alone are not the solution. This is.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can enroll by clicking on “Reserve my spot” at You can enroll as an individual or as part of a team or group. There are separate enrollment forms for individuals and for groups, so when you enroll, ensure you are on the right form. The individual enrollment form can be found here and the group/team enrollment form can be accessed here.

Each month, everyone who has enrolled will get started on the first Monday of the following month. This means that if you sign up in September, you will be enrolled in our October cohort. You’ll receive meeting invites for the relevant dates.

Here’s a list of important upcoming dates for the program:

May Learning Group Launch Party: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The main topics of the course includes:
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Uncomfortable Conversations
  • Active Listening/Communication Skills
  • Psychological Safety
  • Team morale and collaboration
  • Employee Engagement

We absolutely encourage you to sign up with a friend or colleague as the coursework and content has been designed with teamwork in mind. You can enroll with a friend by clicking here.

Yes, you can sign up your entire team and we encourage it. Please use this link to receive a group discount for teams.

This course lasts for 13 weeks but if you skip a week because of vacation or illness, that will extend your timeline.  

The decision to make this course 13 weeks long is rooted in our commitment to delivering real, lasting change and equipping participants with the skills and mindset they need to make a tangible impact on DEI within their organization. 

Lasting, durable change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of consistent effort and small, meaningful changes over an extended period. Our 13-week duration provides the necessary time for participants to make these gradual adjustments, ensuring that they become ingrained and unconscious habits.

We’ve structured the course with an average of three activities per week, allowing participants to strike a balance between learning and applying what they’ve learned. This pacing ensures that participants have the time and the space to digest information and practice it effectively.

We recognize that building inclusive cultures and mastering DEI skills isn’t a quick fix. Our 13-week program reflects our commitment to supporting participants on their journey towards becoming catalysts for positive change within their organizations.

The course is designed to distribute new coursework each week, upon completion. If you do not complete your activities that week, you will not receive a new set of activities. Therefore, if you go on vacation or you are unwell, you would not have completed the coursework, therefore your content will automatically be paused.

You will have access to the content for one calendar year.

This course has been designed for privacy and to ensure complete honesty. Therefore, your employer will not be able to see your answers. Staff at Rework Work will be able to see your answers, but that information will be kept completely and strictly confidential. And our only purpose in being able to see your answers is to ensure completion and to answer questions should you have any.

At Rework Work, we abide by the philosophy that adults learn when they have the ability to put the content into practice. Therefore, while some of the content is asynchronous, we have purposely and deliberately included activities, space for reflection and opportunities to try out the content and take micro steps towards improvement. One workshop, whether live or asynchronous, will never be as effective as prolonged and continuous immersion and ongoing development, which is why this course has been designed to occur over a 13-week period.

The course has been designed to take into account the perceived lack of time. We believe that participants find time to do that which they value. We have condensed the content down as much as we can so that you should not need more than 30 minutes per week. If that is still too much time for you to spend immersed in concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion, we encourage you to rethink your priorities.

You will have at least two opportunities to connect with a DEI expert to discuss your progress, answer any questions and be in community with your peers.

Yes, you can. Click here to schedule a call with Amber Thomson, or reach out to her via email here.

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